In October of 1905, Tsar Nicholas II conceded a number of rights to the people of Russia in the October Manifesto.  Although he never meant to honour the main terms, ultimately Nicholas had to follow through with the provision of an elected Duma in May 1906.  One term of the Manifesto in relation to this was the legalisation of political parties.  This meant that in 1905, several political parties legally came into existence where previously they had either not existed or been illegal, often exiled, political opposition groups.

For AS Unit 1, you need to have a general view of the main parties and what they wanted from the Duma.  Key knowledge includes:

  • Was the party left or right ring?
  • Which parts of the population supported them?
  • Did they favour or oppose the Tsar?
  • Did they wish further reform to happen or consider the state of affairs in 1905 to be complete?


Check out these notes for info on the parties:

Russian Political Parties in 1905


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