At GCSE, you need to make sure that you understand the Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles.  Essentially it was a court case for dealing with Germany, except that they had made up their minds as to the outcome before they even started.  One reason that it is so important is that it connects to later topics in the causes of WW2.  If the Germans were not treated so harshly, and if they had ot been cut out of the conference, it would not have been possible for Adolf Hitler to appeal to the people so much and win popularity and power.  And if the Russians had not been excluded from the conference, perhaps relationships might have been a little better and Stalin might not have made the Nazi-Soviet Pact with Hitler.  Remember to think about how it all links together.

You need to know:

  • Who was at the peace conference and who was not.
  • Who the Big Three were.
  • What each of the Big Three wanted.

In a later set of notes, I will post up revision notes on what the Treaty of Versailles did to Germany.  Watch this space.

Paris Peace Conference


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