GCSE candidates across the country will be using their Easter holiday to get on top of their revision.  Those aiming for good grades will be making sure that they know the key details for all of the topics ready for practising their exam technique next term.

The PDF below has a rough guide to the topics to revise.  It lists the main topics, events and people that you should know.  Either use it as a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything, or print it and use it to make brief notes to help you memorise topics.  At the end is a list of questions.  They are not exam questions, but you could talk through them with a friend or relative (maybe a friend who is also revising the same topics) to check that you understand it all.

Unit 1 Revision Overview

Note- I wrote this list for the AQA version of the course (which is what we study at Ripley St. Thomas).  The Edexcel course covers a similar range of topics but has some points where the topics are given different emphasis.  For example on AQA the Balkan events of 1908-1913 are dealt with as one broad topic; pupils studying Edexcel should note that they need to distinguish in more depth between the Bosnian Crisis and the two Balkan Wars.


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