If you are reading this, it means you have discovered that I am absent from lesson and you have followed the instructions provided…


Your task is to use the lesson to consolidate your knowledge of Socialist Realism, culture in the 1930s and Cult of the Personality.  This may mean that some of the time is dedicated to re-reading class notes and reading further information from the web, my revision notes on here and Moodle or books.

When you are confident in your ability to understand and give examples of the various aspects that we have covered, you should complete the following task:

  • You are to take the first couple of pages/section/scene of a moderately well-known book, play or film.
  • You are to re-write them into a style that would pass censorship in 1930s Communist Russia.
  • I do not want a synopsis of the plot, I want the actual script or text for ONLY the first small part.
  • Remembering the principles of Socialist Realism, it MUST NOT promote any religious, capitalist, anti-Party, anti-Stalin or anti-Lenin messages.
  • It MUST promote an image of Stalin, the Party, and/or the USSR in a wider sense.  It must either aim to promote Stalin and the Party as great leaders, or promote the superb standard of life in USSR since Communists took over, and especially since 1928, or act as propaganda for a particular idea such as atheist thought.
  • It must have a strong leader/main character.  It is likely to be a common worker/peasant/soldier who goes beyond the call of duty for the sake of the State and the communal good.
  • Remember enemies tend to be associated with Trotsky.

In the past, my favourite examples of this task have included versions of the start of Die Hard, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Lord of the Rings.  I have also seen a very well written start of the Genesis account of creation.

Any problems, email me on the school email address.





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