Please feel free to use the notes on this blog for revision purposes, or as class notes.  However I would be grateful if, in return for the time that I have spent putting these notes together, you could take the time to comment or like the items that you use to give me some feedback.  I would also be grateful if the name and weblink were retained on the document so that other teachers and students might find this site and benefit.

Equally, should you spot any factual errors, or just wish to debate any assertions in the notes, please get in touch via the comments.

Currently this revision site contains notes for:

AQA GCSE Modern History B – Unit 1 International Relations (these notes are also relevant for Edexcel Modern History A Unit 1 International Relations)

Edexcel AS Unit 1 – Russia 1881-1953

Edexcel A2 Unit 3 – Germany 1900-1945

Of course they may be relevant to other courses, but please check your own spec for what you are studying.

Mr. B. Armstrong, Subject Leader for History, Ripley St. Thomas C of E Academy


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